About Us

What are we at Joe's?

Joe's opened in Stone Mountain, Georgia in 1986 as a "hole in the wall" delivery place. After many months of whining from our regulars, we finally added a few bar stools so they could "EAT AT JOE'S!" As the demand grew, so did we. Now, almost 26 years later, we are located in our largest Joe's yet and loving it! Our large covered patio has been a great place to hang out with our regulars and we are thrilled to have the ability to have live entertainment on the patio on the weekends.


Rick and Debbie have been in the restaurant industry since the 70′s. They have traveled around the United States opening new chain restaurants until they finally decided to open their own place. Once both of their daughters were in school, they took a chance. With a lot of hard work from the whole family, it finally paid off. The girls grew up in the restaurant, working there on the weekends and then finally full time while in college. One daughter decided once Graduate School was complete, she wanted to pursue other ventures. She still loves to hang out there, just not participate in the business. The other daughter, after graduating from UGA, decided she liked the restaurant business. She is now the General Manager and has recently been made a new partner in the organization at Joe's.

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